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Welcome! This is Proball Basketball Academy.

The PROBALL BASKETBALL ACADEMY was founded in the summer of 2021 in the UAE, run by an ex-professional basketball player Recai Ozturk. This Academy was created to pass to the next generation the skills, knowledge, tactics, and influence that Coach Recai has acquired and learned through his experience with the players from his long-term basketball career and education. This academy fundementally aims to increase the standard and quality of basketball in the UAE and raise international players.


8 th July - 23 th August

2024 Summer Camp

1 Hour Basketball - 1 Hour Football - 1 Hour Swimming with Certified Coaches

on July 10, 2023

Flames U14 Team Won First Championship in DOBA League

The Flames U14 team, consisting of the stars of the future, lifted the first championship cup in the Doba League with a magnificent performance. The young talents, who left their rivals behind in the exciting final match and won the championship title, left everyone in awe.

on 10 Jun 2023

Magnificent Victory! The Flames U14 Team won the Jazville League.

The Flames u14 team achieved their goals with teamwork and determination after a long and hard-working term. They deserved the victory with their incredible performance and determination on the court.

on 3 Feb,2024

The Flames U16 Team Reached the Championship for the Second Time!

The U16 team is proud to be the champion of the Jazville League for the second time. This victory came thanks to the team's hard work and determination. The perseverance and team spirit they showed in training was reflected on the court and they dominated their opponents. This success proves once again the team's determination to work together and focus on their goals. Congratulations, flames U16 team.

on 4 May 2024

The Flames U18 team's proud Jazville League Championship!

The championship story of the unstoppable team is back again. The secret behind the team's success was not only the talented players but also the team spirit and the disciplined way of working under the leadership of the coaches. The players supported each other on the court in every match, making effective attacks in offense and not letting their opponents breathe in defense. Congratulations Flames U18 team!

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