Proball Basketball Academy


We aim to promote mental & physical wellbeing, and fitness & social skills through quality basketball training and competitions in UAE.


With a focus on bringing communities together, elevating UAE basketball, and grow talent & developing skills, we give opportunities to players of all ages and abilities.


We live by, and instill, leadership, passion, discipline, integrity, heart, camaraderie, progression, and above all, sportsmanship.


There are several basketball skills your child can learn at a sports clinic that apply both on and off the court. Proball Basketball Academy are great opportunity to get kids playing and moving! 


Basketball requires players to maneuver their way up and down the court, often dodging opponents. They twist out of the way, turn and shield the ball, then duck around an opponent. Defenders need to be on guard, always on their toes.

Some people might think basketball is “nothing but net,” but actual play requires a good deal of agility. Your child will have a chance to work on their footwork through a number of drills designed to improve both their defensive skills and offensive play, as well as develop a fundamental movement not as common in other sports: jumping.


Basketball is a team sport, so, of course, one of the essential basketball skills is good teamwork! At a sports clinic, your child will have ample opportunity to develop great teamwork skills by participating in drills with partners and in groups.

Working together, clinic-goers will help each other improve not just their basketball skills but other key life skills too.


Learning, understanding, and applying rules is key to any sport.

Learning about rules in sports can teach children self-control and discipline. A player who flouts the rules won’t be welcome on the court for very long and won’t earn the respect of his or her peers. Practicing self-control and abiding by the rules on the court can also be applied off the court. Children who participate in sports may find it easier to follow rules at home or in the classroom.


Born in 1982 in Turkey, Recai Ozturk is a seasoned professional basketball player who had a distinguished career spanning 20 years. His skill and tenacity saw him representing Turkey in numerous domestic and international tournaments.

Ozturk is not only a talented player but also a well-educated coach. He holds a degree in Physical Education and Basketball Coaching from Cukurova University, underscoring his commitment to fostering talent and enhancing the skills of aspiring players.

His pedagogical competency, paired with his extensive playing experience, makes him an exceptional educator in the realm of basketball. Ozturk also possesses esteemed certifications from FIBA (The International Basketball Federation) and TBF (Turkish Basketball Federation), further attesting to his coaching prowess.

In addition, Ozturk is a certified personal trainer, recognized by REPS UAE, demonstrating his versatility and dedication to physical fitness beyond the court.

Recai Ozturk's impressive credentials, combined with his personal passion for the sport, position him as a notable figure in the world of basketball.